My Core Values

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Produce something you are proud of

I believe that if you are going to do something, you should most definatly do it right. I work hard at everything I do to make sure it’s something I will look back on with pride.

Always be open to learn new things

I believe what sets me apart from others is that I am always ready to learn something new. I am interested in many things from psychology to computer science. And I believe it is this curiosity and openness that drives me.

Practice Honesty

I believe very much in honesty and the power it has. I am not afraid to share my opinions in a constructive fashion if I believe it will advance the situation, and promote that same candidness when working with others to produce something truly great.

Have Some Fun

I try to bring a level of fun into everything I do. That is not to say I do not respect the serious nature of some tasks, but if at all possible, you might as well have some fun.

About Our Process

Direct Communication

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    I stay available for communication through out the day. Even if I can not go into depth at the time I will be able to respond to arrang for an appropriate time.

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    I am flexible with many communication methods to make communication as easy as possible.

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    I see communication as an essential part of creating a piece that everyone can be proud of.

Creating a layout

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    I operate very well with learning the idea someone has in mind and embelishing it where appropriate with my own take to create a great look.

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    The more we communicate the idea and needs behind the project the more accuartely I can achieve our goals

  • 03

    There is always time to change an idea or refine the layout to make something that is beautiful.

Ongoing Discovery

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    Once the basic layout is accomplished, there is many places that working on the project can lead and I am open to all of them.

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    Emulation of ideas that have worked for others it not only a great way to make your project follow the trends of today.